My Nubian's, My Best Friends

My Nubian's are all so special but I have my favorite,  Her name is Rita and she was a great milker even as a first time milker.  When she was getting close to kidding I told my husband she was going to have triplets.  He did not agree.  One morning after milking  I noticed she was in labor. I got all the other goats out of the barn and Denali and I put plenty of new straw down and went into the house and got my camera and my kindle and went back out to wait with her. It usually does not take very long and she had been pushing a while so I knew something wasn't right.  I went in to call our vet who does not have an office but she checks in on her phone every hour for messages.  I thought what I'm I going to do?  let her lay there pushing and wait for the vet or do something myself,  I had always been there for the cows and had helped pull them, but this just looked to small.  So I ran into the house and scrubbed my hands and arms. then went back out and sprayed my arms and hand with Iodine.  I said to Rita,  be patient baby mom will get you through this.  I reached in and all I could feel was a big butt.  (ah-oh),  I stuck my other hand in and was surprised how much room was in there. I was able to pull him out by his hips,  he was a really big buck real pretty but already had died.   So I went in again and found another bag and it came out the correct way and was doe,  lots smaller than the 1st one.  real pretty black with white ears,  I fell in love instantly.  Then I went back in and found another little one and he was smaller than the 2nd one.  He was beautiful black with brown on him and so small I named him little man.  He was my favorite.   I told Rita what a good goat she was and went into the house and got her a warm bucket of water with molasses in it to help perk her up. she was exhausted.  She drank the whole bucket and I was glad to see her get up and start taking care of the babies.  Denali helped clean them up and I milked her and fed the 2 babies.   It was a great experience,  It turned out our vet was on another emergency and that's why she did not get to call be back right away.  She said I did everything right and that made me feel great.  So I sit with Rita and the kids and bonded with them,  They all call me maaa.  

Crazy Woman Goats