We have also found they these dogs are great therapy dogs. 

They make beautiful pups that are really nice and live with the goats,  very well socialized and love people.

These are the best dogs we have ever had,  I am totally impressed with them,  We used to have a lot of coyote's around, we could hear them in the late evening,  While I was in the barn one day I looked out the door and there was one just standing on the other side of the electric fence. That was enough for me and I started researching guard dogs for livestock. I thought about the Great Pyrenees, but we had a collie and decided we did not want any more hair care difficulties.  I was watching one of the animal planet show's and they were talking about the Anatolian's, They are using them in Africa now to scare away the Cheetah's to keep their goats safe.  Big Success!  They used to loose 25% to the Cheetah's in a years time.  Then they had to go out and kill the Cheetah's.

Since they have got the Anatolian's they have not lost any,  the dog barks really loud and just that loud bark is what keeps them away,  it sounds scary enough that the Cheetah decides there is an easier meal out there than the goats. I decided they were the dog for me. I found a male that was 3/4 Anatolian and 1/4  Great Pyrenees, he was such a sweet puppy and has been a great dog, we had him neutered since he was not registered, a few months later we decided to get a female to help him out and  I found a female Denali from the Diamond acres Ranch in Arkansas, They have champion bloodlines and that's what I wanted (because I was already thinking about puppies), They are hard to find around here,  We had her flown in to the Pittsburgh airport,  She was already 6 mo. old.  We had them together for a while but she did not like another dog in with her goats and was pretty mean to Zander so we put him in with another group,   Well I had to find a Male to go with her and we found Luke in Missouri,  It was a really long drive.   They are very protective with our goats and we are with them a lot also so they like people to.  When we started kidding in January, Denali took over as the nurse maid and kicked poor Luke out of the barn,  She helps all the does clean up the kids and keeps the kids close to their mother and wont let the other goats get mean with the little ones. She has been great,  A stray got in the fence one day and it left real quick when she got to it,  It needed several stitches. They both have sweet and loving disposition's I'm glad we have them. They are truly one of God's greatest creations. 

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