I love the smell of new mowed grass and hay, The newly tilled dirt in the spring and getting the garden started,  New babies born and watching them play. But it seems,  If You get one goat then you need another goat.   

One goat needs a friend so it's not lonely, then you decide you want to get better goats.  You start looking at all the show results and bloodlines and think, Yea I should do this.    I don't like to be out in front of people but I keep thinking wow my goats are really good and someone should show them.   I say to myself, next year I will do it. Has not happened yet!

I love the Nubian goats and like that they are a lot easier to take care of than the Milk Cows we used to have .  But with the Nubian's I get to take care of the kids and they love me.  Well I say they love me but I think it might be the bottles and the feed.   It seems they are like little children,  they all want what the other one has and it has to be right now.

I had people tell me that goats are to hard to take care of and  would be out all the time because you cant keep them in.  Well I guess you have to have other animals first.  We had hogs when we first got married, Goats are Better! From there we got into the dairy business,  I love the Holsteins and we were dairy farmers for about twenty years, Our children liked showing them and I enjoyed milking but it was a lot of hard work and no days off. I don't think there is anything harder. If a cow gets out they hare hard to get back in unless you have a bucket of feed then they run you over to get at it.  Goats are Better!

We had some registered Quarter Horses for awhile and I really love the horses but they are very expensive and If they get out It's a big game to them, they love to stay just within reach before they take off again.  Goats are Better!

The Anatolian's have become the next most important thing to me.  There has never been a smarter dog and quick at learning anything.  Sometimes I just sit out in the barn with them and they lay in my lap,  or try to anyway.  They are so loyal and they just want you to touch them to be happy.


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Meet Tessa Our New Anatolian Shepherd! She is a rare black Anatolian,  She is a little different from the others,  she tends to stay with the goats and does not seem to need much attention from us,  She gets along well with other dogs and cats and takes good care of the kids when they are born.